What Jesus thinks of YOU!…

Young people, have you ever doubted whether God really does love you, or if He actually cares about you? Quite frankly, God definitely does, to say the absolute least! He created you and so dearly loves you. But Marlon, I’m pretty sure He doesn’t really know me so how can you say He loves me? No He does know you, more than anyone else, God knows you. He knows more about you than you know about yourself. How can I say that? Ps. 139 says that Almighty God made all the delicate inward parts of your body and that He watched YOU as you were formed in the dark of your mother’s womb. THIS IS SO GOOD, then it says – He saw you before you were born…and that He thinks innumerable precious thoughts of you, which can’t even be counted, outnumbering the grains of sand! That’s a seriously massive amount of precious thoughts that our God thinks of us! What a LOVE story, this is our God! His thoughts to YOU outnumber the grains of sand! Mind-blowing! God truly bless you, Ps. Marlon


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