Wednesday Night Prayer & The Ten Commandments

Join us tomorrow night at the chapel as we gather to do the most powerful thing God has given us to do – to pray!

Following our time of prayer which starts at 7:00pm we will continue our study in the Book of Exodus in chapter 20.

Are the Ten Commandments relevant for us today?

What about the Sabbath – how does that work in today’s modern workaholic society?

Covetousness – just what does that mean?

What does God mean when He says He is a jealous God?

How important is it in our society for us to honour our father and mother? What happens if that is not done?

All these issues and questions we will deal with in our 30 minute fast tracked study on the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20.

Look forward to praying with you and getting into God’s Word together.


In His grace



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