Two New Messages You Need to Hear!

The coming Sunday I will be making a break from our current “Power” series teaching through the Book of Acts.

Due to the impending postal plebiscite vote on same sex marriage, I will be teaching a two part series on marriage. This coming Sunday I will be teaching on the topic, “Marriage, as God intended!” and the following Sunday I will teach on “Homosexuality, and what the Bible says!”

We are making this change in our teaching program as I believe it is important as Christians to be cognisant on these very topical subjects in order that we may be able to share God’s Word so important at this time.

I encourage you to not miss and to be praying for this two part series and also to be reading up for yourself the passages of Scripture that talk about marriage.

May I at this time also urge you to keep our nation and our political leaders before our Lord in prayer?

We are living in the Last Days according to Bible prophecy and I believe God has given us a tremendous opportunity in Australia with these issues of concern to use as platform to witness to those who don’t know God’s Word and a are lost.

May God’s grace and His wisdom guide us over the next few weeks!

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