This week at Calvary – 11th February 2018

Sunday 10:00 am – The Book of Daniel chapter 5 – Choices Series – “I Choose to Honour God”

Sunday 6:00 pm – The Book of Titus – Citizens Series  – Part 4: Adorning the Gospel

Wednesday – 7:00 pm – Calvary Prayer Meeting – “Israel – What we need to know!”

This Sunday we are having a blessed baby dedication.

A short DVD on the recent CCSH Vacation Bible School

Friday – Calvary Kids – Calvary Youth

Fighting the enemy……

The Book of Ephesians could be divided into four themes, SIT, chapter 1-3, WALK, chapter 4-5, STAND, chapter 6. FIGHT

Paul teaches us in chapter 6 how to stand and fight!

Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

That is how to fight in the spiritual world in which we live and operate, the world that touches our deepest emotions, our very spirit.

Remember the battle – the struggle is supernatural.

The struggle is personal – the word wrestle here indicates a hand to hand battle, the Spanish use the term, ‘man to mano’. The root word has a meaning to sway back and forward whilst locked in mortal combat. In Paul’s time of the Olympic games the wrestler who lost his bout after having his shoulders pinned to the ground, then had his eyes gouged out.

Paul tells us we have an enemy, who leads an army that’s whole purpose is to thwart God’s purposes in your life. To bring you down, to ruin you and break you, to turn you against God and to seek to have you lose hope!

The Christian life is simply warfare. Paul at the end of his life said , I have fought the good fight… Timothy Paul said, Be a good soldier who endures hardness…

 When Jesus began His ministry the initial thrust of His ministry was an immediate war with Satan, a conflict that lasted 40 days and nights…then in the Garden of Gethsemane Satan launched again.

We are fighting a spiritual battle NOT a physical battle

Yes it can have a physical element, and people are used in the enemies attack upon us.

Jesus indeed was punched, they did tear out His beard, they spat in His face and they drove spikes through His hands and feet and thrust a spear into His side.

But behind the physical, behind the hatred and the persecution we see from there is a domain, a world, of spiritual beings that are at war with the believer, with you and I.

And they simply use the physical world as a means to their ends.

It is not so much that men hate Christ as that Satan hates Christ and uses men as his pawns.

He is the force behind the warfare.

So Paul now prepares us for this conflict, this spiritual warfare.

He says, Finally… brethren…the important last theme of his letter, the important last words to his children in the Lord. Paul identifies with us in this struggle…..Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might….

 Note very importantly the wording, the instruction here… the Lord….in the power of His might!

 Ephesians is the Book that tells us over and over we are in Christ, in Christ, His life and ours are locked together. His life is our life. His power is our power. His truth is our truth.

Remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood….only in Christ can and do we win the battles!

Stay strong in Him!


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