The first step to having heaven in your home.

“When the home is ruled according to God’s Word,” according to Charles Haddon Spurgeon, “angels might be asked to stay with us, and they would not find themselves out of their element.”

Is your home governed by God’s Word? Is it the final ‘go to’ when decisions, altercations, trouble arises? How does one have a blessed marriage? Is it possible in the day and age we live in?

Hollywood and Rock Stars would tell us no, but God’s Word shouts out that our homes can be a place of blessing, filled with an environment where grace rules and forgiveness is ever present.

How do we have such a home? The answer is the Holy Spirit of God! It is ONLY through the power of the Holy Spirit can husbands and wives walk in harmony together with each other and the Lord, and your children will follow!

Before Paul gets to the nitty gritty details of the roles and responsibilities of husbands and wives Paul exhorts each of us to “Be filled with the Spirit”, Ephesians 5:18. This by the way is a command from God, not a suggestion!

Secondly the command is plural, so it implies to all Christians and not just a select few.

The verb is in the present tense meaning, “keep on being filled”.

We do not fill ourselves but call on the Lord and desire Him, the Holy Spirit, to fill us. The word “fill” has nothing to do with contents or quantity by the way, but “filled” means ‘controlled’ by. In this case to be constantly controlled by the Holy Spirit in our mind, our emotions and our will.

Take a look at your marriage and ask yourself who is running things, who is in control. I pray that you both are allowing God to have the final say in all matters. That your lives as a family revolve around obeying God’s Word and not yourselves!

Take the first step in the right direction to see your home, your marriage and your own individual lives ‘controlled’ by God.

Open His Word, pray for God to speak to you and then commit yourself to obey His Word on every matter. As you take this first step you will see how amazing God’s love is for you and how precious in His sight is your husband or wife. Jesus will reveal to you that died on the cross for them and that’s how much He loves them.

It’s also how much He loves you, now!

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