Special Christmas Eve am message: “The Gift Of Christ”

You are invited to join with Calvary Chapel Secret Harbour this Sunday morning from 10.00 a.m. for a special Christmas Eve message called “The Gift Of Christ”.

At Christmastime, there are many gifts requested and given out. These gifts can reflect a great deal of thought, time, energy and cost, or they can be rushed, last minute, and indicative of a lack of care. Most of these gifts are temporal and will not last.

What many people desire in life year round, but particularly think of at Christmas, is love, joy, peace and hope. Wouldn’t this be the greatest gift to give and receive?

The message of Christmas is that God has given the greatest gift in His Son, Jesus the Christ, and through Jesus, we are blessed with so much.

See you on Sunday the 24th of December from 10 a.m. for worship and study in God’s word as we consider this important message and learn of the blessing of “The Gift of Christ” this Christmas.

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