Right Priorities..!

Mark 8:36 –“What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his very soul?” It’s unfortunate that this verse seems like it was meant for Aussies. In fact, the entire western world seems to be fixated on the ‘gain’ mentioned in this verse: having pockets full of cash, a big house, and a lot of fame. How much does this all mean, though, if you’ve gone to your ultimate address without the Lord? We chase after so many different thing but there’s only one thing we NEED. Let us not lose our life, our soul or our meaning, chasing after that which does not last! I pray that God would help me to keep my priorities right, my life holy, and my heart open to His will rather than being blinded with my own self-seeking. God bless you, Ps. Marlon


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