Prayer, and the ministry of the Word…Acts 6:4






The early church was blossoming under the power of the Holy Spirit, many many people were coming to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.

There had been and still was great persecution but God’s power was spreading out over the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ touching every city, nation and town.

But a problem arose within the church. A dispute between the Grecian and Hebrews over what seemed to be a neglect of the Greek widows in comparison to the Hebrew widows and their care.

The Apostles gathered and called the church together and said that the study and teaching of God’s Word must remain their priority so they appointed seven faithful, serving men, full of the Holy Spirit to sort out and manage the perceived problem.

But it is the verse after that announcement and decision by the Apostles that I want us to look at in greater detail for us living today!

The Apostles unanimously said that their most important and urgent business, that which nothing should interuppt or distract from was….Acts 6:4 But we will give ourselves continually to PRAYER, and to the ministry of the Word….

The church on hearing this second announcement were greatly pleased with both decisions.

Tonight at 7:00 PM the church here at CCSH gathers to follow in the set example that the Apostles laid out in that stand out moment in the history and growth of the early Church of Jesus Christ.

For at 7:00 PM we gather to pray, not to talk, not to catch up, but to pray and call upon the power and name of our Lord to  meet the needs of those in our fellowship who need prayer – basically all of us…

Following that prayer time at 7:30 PM we then gather to study God’s Word, to sit under its teaching and grow in our knowledge of God and His Word and then apply it to our lives.

I encourage you to step into the pattern, the example and model of the early church and join us for prayer and the study of God’s Word – let’s do as the Apostles did and give ourselves to these two most important of  ministries. See you tonight.

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