K-Wave FM 107.9 (Radio)

Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa acquired the commercial FM radio station KWVE on April 15, 1985 as an outreach ministry. Its purpose since that time has been primarily that of a teaching tool. Solid scriptural teaching programs, along with ” Music of Praise and Worship,” combine to minister to the body of Christ in a style which is unique to KWVE.

One factor (among others) which sets KWVE apart from the rest of the broadcast industry is that there are no consultants programming the format or researching the target audience. All programming is done through Calvary Chapel without regard to sales trends, profit margins or marketing demographics. The result is a purity, an integrity, and a theological soundness which transcends all worldly pursuits (and which the Lord has blessed abundantly from the outset).

Much like the music found in a Calvary Chapel worship service, “Music of Praise and Worship” is intended to lead one into the worship of God without attracting too much attention to the music itself. Never will the worship of praise music take the listener away from an atmosphere conducive to the study of God’s word. Rather than stimulating, entertaining rock or pop, KWVE’s music gently edifies and carries the listener from one set of teaching programs to the next.

Through sound doctrinal teaching and meaningful “Music of Praise and Worship,” KWVE-” The Wave of Living Water” ministers the love of God 24 hours a day throughout most of southern California and across the world.


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