Its time for you to pray…!

Just received a text from a work colleague whose wife has been diagnosed again with cancer! He asked for me to pray for him and his wife! I replied that Helen and I will! This is why God has us here and this is how we are to serve Him now! In prayer for those in need.

Brothers and sisters in Christ its time for you to join with others here at CCSH to pray.  We have so many needs, people going through so many trials and only God can help them! Christ’s coming is soon, we the church will be taken and then the earth will experience events that Jesus said it had never or will ever experience again – the Day of the Lord!

But now God has us here and our task is to pray! Set aside those things that keep you busy, and gather with the other believers this Wednesday evening at 7:00 and pray! So many need it and so do we!

Its time to pray!


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