It’s the little things….

We hear today that Britain is leaving the European Union. This means considerable change both in Britain and for the European Union. Meanwhile in the United States, we have two people that have considerable collateral damage heading to the poles of which one will be the new President of the United States. What then?

Back on our own shores we too are heading to the poles to elect either a new government or maintain support for a conservative government that has also hinted at changes to some very important issues that the Church has held sacred from its inception. We are living in a world that is changing before our very own eyes and the changes are immense. My question to you is are you changing also from that which you once held sacred to the worlds more “relaxed” way of living and beliefs? Which is moving away from God and His Word. I want you to consider the word TRUTH, because truth is always truth and it never changes. So too the Word of God, it too never changes and God says He never changes!

What is your current view on pre- marital sex; abortion; homosexuality; marriage; divorce; disciplining of children; Heaven; Hell; the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to name a few? You see change does not happen quickly. Including changes to how people still view the doctrines of the Bible the world considers, old fashioned or obsolete.  Song of Songs 2:15 …….It’s the little foxes that spoil the vines, For our vines have tender grapes.

The Bible tells us it is the small changes you allow in your life away  from God that lead to the falling away of faith in the truth and reality of the Bible. The damage and fallout to you and your family can be solid. Have the foxes been playing in your fields, in your home and in the raising of your family? Do you allow yourself or your children to do things now you once considered sinful? Do you justify or turn a blind eye? Have you moved away from the Truth? Do you now allow things in your life that once you held sacred to be treated casually?

Let us get back to the TRUTH, Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life….


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