Israel and Hamas

The internal conflict in Israel on the West Bank between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas is escalating at an alarming rate and on the verge of war according to the major media outlets covering the story. “Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – Israeli warplanes killed 12 Palestinians Tuesday, pounding the Gaza Strip in a new campaign to stamp out Hamas rocket fire as the two sides slid toward another major conflict.

In the most serious flare-up over Gaza since November 2012, it comes as Israel struggles to contain a wave of violence in Arab towns over the grisly murder of a Palestinian teenager by Jewish extremists.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas demanded that Israel “immediately stop” its air campaign, dubbed Operation Protective Edge, and asked the world to pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government..

But Netanyahu was expected to order a “significant broadening” of the operation and instruct the army to “take off the gloves,” army radio said, quoting a source close to the premier.”

Japan, for the first time since the end of world war 2 has begun an unprecedented increase to its military strength as tensions between China, North Korea, South Korea bring an uneasy atmosphere in the Far East.

These are major signs of the coming of The Lord and the period the Bible details as the “Last Days” prior to the return of Jesus Christ for His church as He promised He would.

This Sunday we begin a series on the the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the times in which we live.

Jesus commanded us to be ready, to watch and pray as these events unfold so that we are not caught out unawares at His return.

We will be teaching this first Sunday out of Matthew 25 as we lay a foundation to this new series here at CCSH.

“Coming, ready or not!” Jesus!


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