God’s Word..to you!

Young people, listen up! Many teenagers, perhaps you too, think that the Bible is just an out-dated book of do’s, don’ts, rules and regulations. Let me correct this WRONG idea about this Book. The Bible is RELEVANT to all, from the very youngest to the very oldest! It’s God’s WORDs to us, His creation. It’s where we find out exactly what God wants us to know: where we came from, why we are on this earth and what’s going to happen in the future. But MOST importantly, it’s a Book that tells of a Saviour that came to earth, miraculously born through a virgin, who lived a SINLESS, perfect life! Then, in obedience to His Father, He took the consequences of all OUR stuff-ups; all OUR failures; all OUR sin, and bore it upon Himself, been beaten beyond recognition, brutally nailed to a cross (the killing machine of the day), then horrendously CRUCIFIED! Here’s the sweet bit: 3 days later He was RAISED to life, conquering sin and death, so that we can have life and live forever with our God in Heaven! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT OF INFORMATION WE WILL EVER NEED, THE HOPE FOUND IN JESUS CHRIST, AND IT’S FOUND IN THIS BOOK, THE BIBLE! Isn’t that amazing? To possess the very words of God, the Creator of the universe, with us – simply awesome! Bless ya, Ps. Marlon


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