Genesis Series – #Beginnings Part 42: “Blessings and Burial”

This Sunday evening the 26th of February brings us to the conclusion of our study through the book of Genesis. Titled “Beginnings” this series has gone through the book and explored the origins of so much that we experience in the world today – from the beginning of the earth,  mankind, culture, sin, redemption, the patriarchs, the people of Israel and so much more.

This week we study Genesis 49-50 as Jacob pronounces his final blessings upon his sons before he dies. After he passes, Joseph’s brothers fear retribution from Joseph for their earlier sin in selling him into slavery. Instead, Joseph reminds his brothers of forgiveness and how God had transformed their evil into good.

After this episode the book of Genesis, the book of beginnings, ends. The book that opened with the creation of man in a garden ends, with the death of a man in Egypt.

It’s a symbolic reminder of the consequences of sin and the promises of God.  Death entered into the world when man first rebelled against the God who had made him.  But God promised to take action to forgive him.  The problem was, as we saw with Joseph’s brothers, evil had been done and it wouldn’t be just, to pretend it hadn’t.  It might be merciful, but it wouldn’t be just.

So, what is the solution? We need a Saviour!

We need to remember that both mercy and justice are characteristics of God.  So, since we couldn’t bear the consequences for the sin without being crushed, Jesus offered Himself up for us.  He received the wrath of God and ensured justice was done.  Our evil wasn’t just covered up, it was washed away.

Thank you God for the message of the gospel!

Join us this Sunday from 6.00 pm for this final study in the book of Genesis.

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