Genesis Series – #Beginnings Part 39: “Reconciliation”


On Sunday evening the 5th of February our study of the book of Genesis will be upon chapters 43 & 44. These chapters describe Joseph’s dealings with his brothers and the brothers’ consequent confrontations with their father. The ten brothers had sinned against both Jacob and Joseph, but they thought that Joseph was dead and their sin was safely hidden. Joseph had to deal with them patiently, honestly, and decisively, just the way the Lord works with us when we have tried to cover our sins. Joseph’s immediate goal was to get all eleven brothers to Egypt so they could bow before him and fulfil the dream God had given him more than twenty years before. His ultimate goal was to get them to confess their sins and be reconciled to him and Jacob. The men had to come to the place where their mouths were stopped (44:16; Rom. 3:19). In a masterful way, Joseph wove these two purposes together as he spoke roughly to them, accused them of crimes, and insisted on their bringing Benjamin to Egypt. Outwardly, he was a stern ruler; but behind the scenes, he was a weeping brother. Through the events in these chapters, we learn a lot about the heart of our saviour towards us. Additionally, in Jacob and Judah’s responses to the events recorded in these chapters, we learn a lot about ourselves.

Please join us this Sunday the 5th of February from 6 p.m. to study God’s Word as we consider this passage of Genesis.


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