Genesis Series – #Beginnings Part 38: “Unrecognised”


One of history’s most famous speeches was delivered on October 29 in 1941 by Winston Churchill to a group of students attending his old school. It was a very short speech but among his words that day was the simple admonition: “never give in, never give up, never, never, never in things great or small, large or petty, unless it’s a matter of conscience or good sense, never give in.”

Joseph could have given that speech. He knew what it meant to never give up. Resilience was his middle name! When he was sold as a slave by his brothers to the Midianites, he never gave up. When he became a slave in the house of Potiphar, he never gave up. When he was falsely accused and placed into prison, he never gave up. When a worldwide famine was foreseen by him, he never gave up. He never gave in.

I believe that Joseph is probably the greatest biblical example of Romans 8:28. It is a well known and often quoted verse: “and we know that all things work together for good, the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose”.

Do you know that? Do you, on a personal level, know that no matter what is happening, even currently in your life, that all things are working together for good? God is able to take certain things that happen, certain events that fall, and transform them into good.

Joseph knew this. Whilst we won’t get there in our sermon on Sunday, at the very end, when Joseph sees his brothers, he will declare these words, a ‘Romans 8:28’ statement of faith. He’ll say to his brothers: “as for you, my brothers, as for you, you meant this for evil, but God meant it for good to save many people”. God knew it all along, Joseph said.

“All things work together for good, for those that love God”. Paul said this and knew it. Joseph experienced it and declared it. Do we?

If you do, you’ll be able to rest on that promise. R. A. Torrey said of Romans 8:28, ‘it’s a soft pillow for a weary heart’.

Please join us this Sunday the 29th of January from 6 p.m. to study God’s Word as we consider this passage of Genesis.

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