Genesis Series – #Beginnings Part 21: “Sacrifice”

The twenty-second chapter of Genesis has ever been a favourite one with the saints of God! The reason is that there is so much that it contains. Our difficulty on Sunday evening is to single out for mention that in it which will be most precious to our hearts and most profitable for our walk.

Certainly, what is most evident upon examining it in detail is that in it exists the only type in the Old Testament which distinctly intimated that God required a human sacrifice. Here it was that God first revealed the necessity for a human victim to expiate sin, for as it was man that had sinned, it must be by man, and not by the sacrifice of beasts, that Divine justice would be satisfied.

Most obviously, in the testing of Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, though it didn’t eventuate, is the picture of Jesus’ sacrifice upon Calvary!

Join us this Sunday evening as we learn of this and how it applies to our lives.

See you this Sunday the 24th of July from 6 p.m. to study God’s Word and to worship Him!

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