Genesis Series – #Beginnings Part 14: “Delay”


Abraham had just been involved in a struggle as he rescued his nephew Lot, who had been taken captive. Coming against a mighty army, Abraham fought and prevailed, returning victorious. In Chapter Fifteen of Genesis, Abraham is involved in another struggle. It is a different kind of struggle. It is not against soldiers or spiritual foes; it is internal.

He has come to a place of fear in his walk with the Lord (Gen 15:1). Abraham is struggling in his heart between faith and fear.

Do you ever come to this point in your life?

Abraham is afraid because he has faith in God’s promises, but he does not see God’s promises being fulfilled, nor does he see how they ever can be fulfilled (Gen 15:2-3)! He understood by faith that the promises God had made him depended upon an heir being born to him. He understood by human reason that Sarah was barren and that both he and Sarah were old.

Abraham had been walking by faith, but several years had passed since God had first made these promises to him. Now, Abraham was manifesting fear instead of maintaining his faith because he was troubled by God’s delay in fulfilling His promises.

What will God do? How does God respond? How does God respond to you in similar situations?

God’s response to Abraham is interesting. He repeats, clarifies, and expands the original promises. But God also lets Abraham know that he will not receive the complete fulfilment of the promises in this lifetime!

In light of this, we will learn that: Abraham was to walk by faith, not succumbing to fear, even though the fulfilment of God’s promises were to be delayed; similarly, we are to walk by faith, not succumbing to fear, even though the fulfilment of God’s promises are often delayed!

Trust in His perfect timing!

See you this Sunday night the 5th of June from 6.00 p.m. to study God’s Word and to worship Him!

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