Ecclesiastes Series – #meaning Part 9: “Power”

We all know power. We all have a measure of it, and we’re all under it to some extent (some more than others). Power is a familiar asset and whether you are a parent or a prime minister, what you do with it matters.

In Ecclesiastes chapter 8, Solomon spends an entire chapter observing power, indicating attitudes towards authority that should be adopted, commenting on the abuse of power, and concluding on the ultimate source of authority. Ecclesiastes 8 is a survival guide for life in a world in which everyone – from politicians and pastors to parent-teacher committees and governments, even you and me – uses power, rightly or wrongly.

As we live our lives we all desire for these to be fruitful, to have influence and impact. This drive could turn out to be really good… or really bad. It all depends on why and how we use power, and how and why we respond to authority.

Join us this Sunday evening from 6.00 p.m. as we return to our study in Ecclesiastes, looking at this chapter with a message simply titled: ‘Power’.

See you then.


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