Ecclesiastes Series – #meaning Part 7: “Content”

Life is tough!

When things are tough, we tend to long for the ‘good old days’, only to discover that they weren’t so good after all. It has been said that those who think the ‘old days were better’ suffer from a bad memory and a great imagination!

So, if going back isn’t the answer, how do we move forward in life? The need to deal with our discontentment in life is clear, what is not so clear is how to deal with it.

The writer of Ecclesiastes knows exactly how we feel. Solomon has been exploring his search for meaning in life and chronicling this experiment for us. We now find him hemmed in on all sides by the simple truth that life can be tough. How he responds and the wisdom provided to us is what we will consider this Sunday.

Most of us, when we realise that life is tough and we’re in the thick of discontentment, respond in one of two ways: despair or denial. But are these the only two options? Solomon would tell us to wake up to one of the most pivotal truths in life: we learn some of the greatest lessons in the hardest of times.

Learning to be content is an essential discipline. It might not come naturally, but by some rethinking on our part that reflects biblical thinking, it can.

Join us this Sunday evening the 7th of May from 6.00 p.m. for this study in the book of Ecclesiastes. The sermon is called ‘Content’ and is part 7 of our #meaning series.

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