Ecclesiastes Series – #meaning Part 4: “Plan”

One of the many things that people love about the Bible is that it reveals honestly what we will face in this life. Jesus said, “In this world you will have tribulation”. When we last studied Ecclesiastes on a Sunday evening, we looked at how in Ch 3 Solomon declares that there is a purpose to everything under the sun (Eccl 3:1-15). Solomon says: “a season and a purposeful time for every thing under heaven. Good things and bad things.”

The good news in this is: “He makes everything beautiful in His time…”

In Eccl 3:16-4:16, Solomon now considers the obvious objections to this. He discusses many of the tragic elements in life; the prevalence of injustice, oppression, the presence of envy and ambition, and stubbornness.

Through his discussion, we will also consider: what of these?

When we Christians view bad things and disappointments as God’s curse on our lives, and good things as God’s blessing in our lives, we reveal our spiritual immaturity. A huge step towards spiritual maturity in our lives comes with the realisation that God’s plan for our lives includes good things and bad things, victories and disappointments, and that they are all necessary if our lives are to be truly blessed. Each of these components are all part of the puzzle of God’s wonderful plan for our lives.

See you on Sunday evening the 9th of April from 6.00 p.m. for a time of worship and study of God’s word together.



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