Ecclesiastes Series – #meaning Part 2: “The Chase”

Many people live life with their main goal being happiness.


Consider this, when will you be happy? What is it, that if you obtain or achieve, happiness will be the result?


Everyone of us have something, or someone, that when we obtain, we believe will make us happy.


Fill in the blank: “I’d be happy in life, if I…” Was rich; was famous; was smart; had this job, or that job. “I’d be happy in life when…” I get married; move out of the house; get my own house; get my new car; travel; finish high school or university; lose weight; gain weight; etc…


What is your virtual carrot at the end of the stick that you are chasing in life to reach happiness?


The reality is, that often, when we achieve the carrot, it doesn’t satisfy as we had hoped. Rarely does someone say: “Boy, am I so happy right now… I will never need anything else… I am complete, satisfied…”  No!


Solomon, the author of Ecclesiastes, knew this. He went on the life-long chase to catch the various items, experiences, and ‘carrots’, that countless people in the past have pursued, and what countless people today are pursuing.


He records this experiment for us in Ecclesiastes Chapter 2. Join us on Sunday the 19th of March from 6.00 p.m. as we study this passage in a sermon titled “The Chase”.

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