Ecclesiastes Series – #meaning Part 1: “Burden or Blessing?”

We live in a broken world.

When Adam & Eve acted in rebellion to God’s command, all of earth and humanity was cast into a chaotic existence known as the fall. Consequently, living life on this sin-tainted earth is frustrating. The rare moments of joy and pleasure no sooner occur then they are replaced by the bitter moments of sadness and pain. What accomplishments and progress are achieved each day seems to be soon erased by the resistance of life the next. Existing in this atmosphere of perpetual hopelessness causes many to utter the collective cry of, “Why? What’s the point? What is the meaning of it all?” This cry is all the more stinging when you disregard the existence of God and fail to acknowledge His plan of redemption.

Someone who knew this feeling was Solomon. He lived all that life had to offer and came to the conclusion that all of it was ‘meaningless’. He recorded his experience for us in the book of Ecclesiastes.

This Sunday evening, the 12th of March, we will commence a new series called #meaning that studies through Ecclesiastes verse by verse. What we will learn through this book is that life truly is meaningless if you do not have God in it and that in and through Jesus, we do have and can have a life of meaning and purpose!

Please join us this Sunday from 6 p.m. to study God’s Word as we consider Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 with a sermon titled “Burden or Blessing?”

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