Sample format for a Community Group

Here’s an example of how a leader may choose to plan out their group meeting. In planning out your meeting, remember to keep the main thing the main thing! Be wise with your time!

NOTE: Meeting begins at _______ and ends at ______.

Informal fellowship before meeting

Open in prayer

Introductions (if necessary)

Leader introduces topic

Time of worship in song, psalms, or scripture

Communion observed

Reading from related scripture


Leader summarizes / presents application

Outreach challenge given/discussed/planned by group

Share prayer requests

Close in prayer

Open Fellowship Time (with refreshments)

Does my group need a group guidelines or agreement?

Most groups find it helpful to establish a group agreement among its members to clarify and communicate the mutually held values and guidelines of the group. This can be done early on in the life of a community group, so that from the beginning those attending are aware of the expressed expectations of the group. For example, the following values and statements may be helpful in setting some boundaries for the group.


What is shared in the group meetings should not be shared outside of the group.


While others are sharing, bless them by listening and not talking or interrupting. If there are differences, show the love of Christ to each other.


Honour your group by being on time for meetings. Honour your host homes by ending on time!

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