Citizens – Part 4: Adorning the Gospel

You are invited to join with Calvary Chapel Secret Harbour this Sunday evening from 6.00 p.m. for our sermon series called “Citizens” from the New Testament book of Titus. The title of Sunday’s message is “Adorning the Gospel”.

Each day we take care to adorn ourselves outwardly. We give thought to our clothing, our hair, our makeup, and even what jewellery we might display. Some of us take significant time to consider this as we care greatly how others view us.

Similarly, how might it look as Christians if we took as great care of our daily lives adorning the Gospel to the glory of God? Through Titus 2:1-10 our message will teach us how our lives can display God’s glory to the world.

See you on Sunday the 11th of February from 6 p.m. for worship and study in God’s word as we consider this important message from the book of Titus.

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