Calvary Women’s Seminar…Oct 23

Calvary Women’s Seminar – Saturday October 23, half day – lunch provided so catering numbers are needed. Places are filling fast, invite a friend along and enjoy some wonderful fellowship and a precious time before the Lord in prayer and study. Sign ups for Special Guest Sunday...get the name of your guest down on our sign up sheet for Sunday October 31. Don’t forget to join us Wednesday for prayer and study starting at 7:00pm – our aim is to eventually have a representative from every family gathering with others here at CCSH to do the most important ministry for the salvation of lost souls. Sunday evening be encouraged to bring the family out to worship and sit under God’s Word. The service starts at 6:30pm and it will be still light by the time you are home in the summer months. Wanting to be baptized, not been baptized – see one of the pastors as we look to have a baptism service at the beach and give a great witness to the Secret Harbour Community.

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