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On Sunday nights we have been studying Hebrews Ch 11 in the series, The Life Of Faith. As we have explored this passage so far we have learnt that the divine order of faith is expressed through the lives of those men and women who lived their lives loving the Lord. Abel offered a sacrifice of worship and displayed his faith; Enoch walked in agreement with God and displayed his faith; and Noah obediently adjusted his life to work for God and displayed his faith. Our faith too, grows as we spend time in worship, intimately reading God’s Word, and plays out in a life of service for Him. In totality, the assessment of the faith of these individuals was in agreement with Hebrews 11:6 – they pleased God. Now, this is why we exist, why we were created, and the purpose of our lives – to give God pleasure (Rev 4:11). What is a practical way then, that we can be aware of this in our lives? Well, if you’re the ‘journaling’ type, here is a practice I have incorporated into my devotional discipline. At the end of each day I ask: (i) have I taken the opportunity to worship God today? [this doesn’t necessarily mean singing all day long, but rather speaks of sacrifice (Rom 12:1)], (ii) have I walked with God today? [in other words, has my life been in agreement with God’s plan for me? (Ps 37:23)], (iii) finally, have I worked for Him today, or has it been for me and for my agenda? The answers to these questions often indicate where we place our faith – if it is not placed in Jesus Christ then we have settled for second best and have missed out on the privilege of pleasing God.

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