Sunday sermon: Acts 5 “As Unto The Lord”

You are invited to join us at Calvary Chapel Secret Harbour this Sunday morning the 11th of June. We will be studying from the book of Acts 5:17-32. Our message will be a teaching on how to live our lives as unto the Lord.

What does this look like?

Sometimes it is easier to understand something by comparing it to that which is most common. It is very common for people to live their lives ‘as unto man’. In other words, we’re concerned with pleasing people and honouring their demands and decrees as if these are divine commands.

But Jesus, and the apostles of the early church, lived in a different way: as unto God!

In Matt 5-7  in His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus continually states that we’re not to do our works before men, but before God. He uses the religious people as an example, of how they conducted themselves so as to obtain the accolades of men, rather than living and conducting themselves to please and honour God. Instead, Jesus indicates that our lives are to be lived to bring honour to God.


This is what we will see the apostles and the early church do in Acts when we study this passage on Sunday.

Through their example in God’s word we will learn the importance of doing the same, and practically be instructed on how.

See you on Sunday for a time of worship, prayer, study, and fellowship!

Have a blessed weekend!

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